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Founded in 2008, 1st Choice Financial Group (ProVisio) has continually excelled in assisting customers with Project Management implementations. ProVisio is located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania and is a Pennsylvania certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) dedicated to providing unsurpassed quality, extreme honesty and amazing customer services throughout, multi-media, project management, and consulting services. In 2011, ProVisio formed a business partnership with Rutan Productions to assemble resources that allowed our company access to the international media production market. In 2012, ProVisio brought on Natalie Cake to assist our projects with her extensive background and training in International Multi-Media Production.

Prior to June 2008, Ms. Nease acted as a Senior Project Management Professional for large multi-national Projects for (30) years, whose clients included:

-IBM – Instructional Design Services
-Department of Homeland Security – Infrastructure QAQC
-The World Bank
-US Embassy in Cypress
-US Treasury & Patents Offices
-The White House EEOB – GSA Project Management
-The Carter Center For Diplomacy – Nicaraguan Elections Observance

ProVisio is a project-based firm serving mid to large size organizations – in most industries, government, and non-profits. We follow simple guidelines in achieving this goal with our clients. Listen, learn, clarify, and reiterate. This proven methodology is crucial, yet many of our competitors somehow overlook its importance.

We believe it is the foundation that drives a successful partnership! Both partners in this relationship understand what is required of the other for a winning solution. When you contract with ProVisio, we become your partner in problem solving by outlining and detailing the scope of the project or task(s) at hand. When we as partners mutually agree to the scope of work, your desired integrated Solution will be realized. The Videos that we are creating will serve as tools to project YOUR message.

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